UX Research best practices!
This is the way winning companies like
Google, Netflix, and Red-Id do it.

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Free: Level up your product discovery

Deep dive with WORLD RENOWNED coach Christian Idiodi of SVPG Group.
We'll be discussing:
- Different types of product coaching
- What methods are good to use when when doing discovery
- What you can do now to become a great product manager even if your organization is not keen on adopting modern methods.
- How organizations can transform to the Empowered model which drives successful companies like Google, Amazon, Apple and Netflix.

Januray 5th

User Research Course

Professional certificate course.
Understanding the world through the eyes of your users is critical to building the right product.
Join from anywhere in the world, for 4 two-hour live sessions.


FREE consulting calls with our experts guiding you through your 1st Design Sprint