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A 3-Part workshop to find your product's story

and find out my product's story

Why should I write the product's story?

The benefits of having a products story are:


1) It helps our teams to be aligned on where we want to be

2) It helps us prioritise features and user flows

3) It gives us a spiritual anchor through the dev process giving our product a personality


What will I Learn?

The purpose of this workshop is to find your product’s story. The story will include:

The brand properties

A list of 5-6 words that represents you product/company

A differentiation statement

A sentence, composed out of the brand properties, that will tell the product’s story and help you communicate it with clarity

  1. The brand building blocks: Mission, Positioning and Vision


Step By Step Walkthrough

A video guide showing you how to run the workshop step by step


A checklist of what steps, times and other elements you’ll need to run the workshop.


You’ll get the exact templates that we use in MIRO , but as a bonus, we’ve created templates in Powerpoint so that everyone will be able to run this workshop!

better product - faster

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© RED Interactive LTD – 2020 

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