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VIP Design Sprint
Remote Workshop 

Tuesday, 27th of April 2021

RED-ID Invites you to get familiar with the process that became a synonym to innovation in Silicon Vally

Free Personal Invite

Welcome to RED-ID VIP Design Sprint Webinar for Europe companies. 

If you are all for rapid, strategy based, user-centered, data driven innovation processes. You can definitely gain a lot from this event.

Our introduction to this methodology  will include some theoretical background and a hands-on experience with the  main principles  of the Design Sprint. You will also participate in a step by step workshop for problem solving and decision making in a way that encourages innovation and cancel endless discussions.

You will end up with  a practical framework for running meeting you will be able to immediately implement in your organisation.

Who is invited?

This is a FREE personal invite. We will host only top innovation & Product managers in leading organisations. It will be intimate. Not more than 15 people. So it is advised to quickly approve and save a seat.

Who will lead the workshop?

The workshop will be led by Ram Almog, RED-ID CEO, A serial entrepreneur, partner and investor in several successful startups.

Ram led the development of products sold all over the world. In the last 14 years, Ram is the CEO of RED-ID – A strategic design and innovation consultancy.

Ram gives lectures and workshops about innovation and product management around the world helping corporate and startups re-invent their products.

Agenda (27th of April 2021)


We will be using 2 remote platforms: Zoom and Miro. Please make sure you have a webcam, good mic and a solid internet connection.

This will be an interactive workshop so it’s best if you use a desktop/laptop and not a smartphone.


“I was lucky enough to attend a RED-ID webinar about remote design sprint. A great opportunity to witness Ram Almog facilitates a 40 min session, based on a solid process and aided by the right online tool leading to practical results. A flavor of this will be tested internally next week – as a group of our Innovation Leaders will e-meet and discuss opportunities created by Covid-19..”

Ran Bar-Sella, VP Corporate Innovation, Elbit Systems

“We had a great Design Sprint Innovation workshop with RED-ID. The vibe was awesome, and it was very interesting to try the process, hands on. The amazing thing is that in only two hours we produced a “to do list” for some of our painful challenges. And all this in a great environment without disputes.”

Tina Rodriguez, Head of Content, Fidor Bank, Berlin

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L'Oréal Group

“Training with the RED-ID team was a great opportunity for startups in our accelerator to learn about a new methodology, and for our program to collect feedback from them on how to keep improving our ways of working.”

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L’Oréal Group, Paris

Chanan Greenblatt

” We got a sneak peak into the power of MURAL (digital workspace for visual collaboration tool) and the basics of design sprints.

Ram Almog and Ronen Klein from RED-ID can teach you everything you need to know about running effective design sprints and getting more out of the right side of your brain.

Highly recommend you reach out if you spend a lot of time thinking on how to hack creative thinking..”

Chanan Greenblatt, Product Manager, Lemonade

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