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Ram Almog
Join your peers who’ve already used our proven remote process to succeed at hundreds of companies like:

Prioritize. Reframe. Execute.

Get any product team back on track using this simple remote-first winning framework.

All projects start off well… right up until everyone gets swamped. Now you’ve got people waiting on each others’ work –  the UX designers standing by to get started while engineering finishes troubleshooting the bugs on a new feature. And the designers waiting on marketing to put the release strategy together before diving in. Long story short, everyone is working.  But not working together. 

As your project hurtles towards the deadline, the scope widens and leads to delays. Then come the inevitable clashes of opinions and overshot department deadlines. All while project fatigue creeps in.

As a product leader, it is your job to fix it.

Meetings aren’t getting you anywhere. You need a way to bypass office politics and get everyone on track. Today. Meet:

The Secret Sauce of Innovation: The practical workshop for managers who want to get things done. Fast.

This workshop will give you the tools to tackle any problem by setting your team up for creative problem solving using:

Here are some of the things businesses we’ve worked with have to say:

“I was lucky enough to attend a RED-ID webinar about remote design sprint. A great opportunity to witness Ram Almog facilitates a 40 min session, based on a solid process and aided by the right online tool leading to practical results. A flavor of this will be tested internally next week – as a group of our Innovation Leaders will e-meet and discuss opportunities created by Covid-19..”

Ran Bar-Sella, VP Corporate Innovation, Elbit Systems

“We had a great Design Sprint Innovation workshop with RED-ID. The vibe was awesome, and it was very interesting to try the process, hands on. The amazing thing is that in only two hours we produced a “to do list” for some of our painful challenges. And all this in a great environment without disputes.”

Tina Rodriguez, Head of Content, Fidor Bank, Berlin

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L'Oréal Group

“Training with the RED-ID team was a great opportunity for startups in our accelerator to learn about a new methodology, and for our program to collect feedback from them on how to keep improving our ways of working.”

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L’Oréal Group, Paris

The Red Team

Bring the secrets of the in-house workshop to your own team by swiping our digital workshop methodology 

When we started RED-ID, we wanted to innovate. Constantly. 

Solving big challenges quickly. Creating and testing new products for our clients. Improving existing promising products fast… That’s what we lived for. However, fast decision making – the kind necessary to move forward – was a challenge. 

Endless open discussions led to miscommunication, wasted time and decreased productivity. All the hoops, the long timelines and wait periods made it almost impossible to innovate.

That’s when we discovered a method used by companies like Lego, Adidas, Netflix, eBay and Google to drive innovation, test new ideas and ONLY build things the market wants, while keeping team happy.

Since learning – and adapting – that method, we’ve run over a hundred workshops and trained teams worldwide using this methodology. We’ve taught companies like TUI Group, HP, Loreal, Feedvisor and Kenshoo to use this system and make smart decisions, fast. 

And we can’t wait to teach you so you can test it with your team. 

We don’t believe in theoretical philosophy. That’s why this training session is going to be practical, actionable and hands-on. We’ll give you the tools you need to start using this method minutes after completing this workshop.

Meet Your Facilitators

Ram Almog

Hi, I’m Ram Almog and I’m going to be your instructor

I’m the co-founder, CEO and chief strategist at RED-ID where I’ve help teams and companies reinvent their products for over 15 years. I mentor start-ups in select incubators like the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship and IDC Herzliya. 

Hi, I’m Orit Zetouni Sade (AKA- lulu) 

I’m the co-founder and UX strategist at RED-ID where I’ve created digital products users love for over 15 years. I teach UX and design thinking at leading universities and lead in-person workshops around the world. I can’t wait to bring this workshop – and the practical techniques you can apply immediately – to you digitally. 

better product - faster

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© RED Interactive LTD – 2020 

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