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We taught design sprints to people working in some of the best companies in world like:


In our “Design Sprint Unleashed”, we’ve put everything we use to run successful design sprints! Over the past 3 years, we ran this amazing process with some of the most successful companies in the world. We perfected the process, learned how to maximise outcome and the team’s experience. Here’s what you will find inside… 

In-depth methodology

We will go through every step in the process. Show you exactly how it is done and share our insights

The most recent updates

The Design Sprint is not static. It has evolved into an elaborated body on knowledge. You get the best of the best - chewed up for easy digestion

Facilitation Guide

We will teach you how to confidently facilitate, not only design sprints, but any workshop you may want to run

Hands on practice

If you want to ride a bicycle don't read a book. If you want to facilitate a design sprint, you must have some hands on experience. Once a month we will run a public hands on workshop for you to get the feel of it.

How to sell design sprints

Even if you know how to run them, you will probably need to advocate them to your peer, managers or clients. We are here to help! We sell them all over, so we have a lot to share 😉

Keep the momentum

What happens after the sprint. How can we leverage our sprint's outcome into our MVP plans and on-going dev effort

Change the culture

Lear how to align your team and come to clear decisions. Turn your endless discussions into a playful experience where decisions are easily taken and all voices are heard


You'll get our Design Sprint Facilitator certificate after you'll attend one monthly call with us!

Additional Benefits!



FREE consulting calls with our experts guiding you through your 1st Design Sprint



Lifetime access to all of our sprint resources including video explanations of each exercise, facilitator’s checklists, presentations and more


Networking & Support

Stay updated and keep in touch with your peers in our exclusive alumni FB group and Slack channel


Design Sprints are not only good for your organization, they are also great for your career! 

Being able to run workshops and deliver so much value in so little time will put you closer to the table where decisions are made.

It will position you as an innovator and a design leader and will open up your career to new and exciting ways. We know, because we 10X our consultancy business when we decided to go full power on design sprints. We love it, our team love it and our client… well, they love us 🙂 


Ram Almog

Ram is a technologist with a film degree, has vast experience with digital products, and is also in a jazz band! Ram is our chief strategist, and has been helping companies reinvent their businesses for over 20 years. He also mentors start-ups in various incubators and gives lectures and workshops worldwide.

Orit Zetouni Sade

Orit Zetouni

Orit is a partner at RED, and has been creating loveable digital products for over 15 years. She facilitated dozens of sprints to top companies world wide. She also teaches UX, design thinking, and Design Sprints at leading universities, and gives lectures and workshops worldwide.

Aya Ben Aharon

Aya Ben Aharon

Aya is the Education Director at RED, and also has over a decade of product and UX design under her belt. She runs sprints, teaches and lectures about Design and Technology at companies and conferences all over the world.

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“RED-ID can teach you everything you need to know about running effective design sprints and getting more out of the right side of your brain. Highly recommend you reach out if you spend a lot of time thinking on how to hack creative thinking.״ Chanan Greenblatt, Product Manager, Lemonade, Tel Aviv
Tina Rodriguez, Head of Content, Fidor Bank, Berlin

“We had a great Design Sprint Innovation workshop with RED-ID. The vibe was awesome, and it was very interesting to try the process, hands on.”

Tina Rodriguez, Head of Content, Fidor Bank, Berlin

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L'Oréal Group

“Training with the RED-ID team was a great opportunity for startups in our accelerator to learn about a new methodology, and for our program to collect feedback from them on how to keep improving our ways of working.”

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L’Oréal Group, Paris

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© RED Interactive LTD – 2020 

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