More than a course, More than a mentoring program.

Learn from a PM with 20+ years of experience (helping cutting-edge startups and 

fortune 500 companies  – Including L’oreal, HP, and Huawei)  


23 years ago, I was a young PM

And it was tough. I was under tons of stress to deliver and didn’t have time to prioritize or work with an organized strategy. My main problems were:
1. I wasn’t sure I was doing my job as I was supposed to.
2. It was tough to find someone to learn from. My managers were busy, and so were the other PM’s in the company, so I could not shortcut my way through the knowledge and experience of my peers.
3. I was over my head with ego battles and putting out fires, and not managing the product. I was busy with survival and barely with research and thinking of the future.
But I learned from AMAZING and highly experienced PM’s along the way, read hundreds of books, and worked with huge companies (where I had no choice but to overcome it – and in the best way possible. To work right). I learned best practices, started using tools that eased and alleviated me.

Now I want to pay it forward.

In the ”Empowered PM Masterclass”, you’ll have both “The Empowered PM” Video course that will teach you the skills, mindset, and processes of the 1% top PM’s in the world, and (because we know you are unique and have your own unique challenges) a bi-weekly coaching session with me helping you solve specific problems and work in the way that fits you most.

What’s Included

Group 162

Access to a private community of elite PM’s from all over the world

This is the perfect sounding board for sharing your ideas, challenges, and successes with like minded professionals.

Video course

Empowered PM Video course

 A comprehensive video library for PM’s.
Part 1- Basics, part 2- For experienced PM’s 

Group 161 (1)

Access to all of our PM resources

All of the documents, slides, and checklists that we use at Red-ID when working with clients on product creation. 

Star Icon

Access to (at least) 2 coaching calls per month

You can share your ideas, challenges, and product concepts with us and peers live, and we’ll give you advice on the spot.

Who is this for?

Product Managers

Product Owners

VP Product

Head of Product

🙂 YOU 

The Mentor

Ram Almog

After +20 years of helping cutting-edge startups and fortune 500 companies (Including L’oreal, HP, and Huawei) reinvent their teams and develop products customers love to use, Ram learned a thing or two about product management.

He knows that you are unique, and he is best in road mapping the future that works for you. Finding your goals, KPIs, where are your soft spots (We mean – your opportunity for growth), what specific tools can help you and the best practices the highest-paid PM’s use and you should know too.



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